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Functional and Sculptural Claywork

Mark Heimann, Studio Potter


Kanji - Perseverance

Quicksilver's Pirate Pots

She who watches

Viking Boat, woodfired

Compass Rose


Green Ronin Jar

Large Goat Bowl

Anagama Kanji - Honor


The above pictures indicate the wide variety of my work. Oriental Influence, Cultural Crosscurrents, Wild and Weird, Quicksilver’s Pirate Pots.
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~~ The Compass Rose symbolizes inspiration from many directions of travels,inspirations, and observations. ~~


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I have changed my online sales venue from PayPal here to an "Etsy" Store. 
Etsy has descriptions, prices, and images of individual pieces ready to purchase and ship. 
There are many images of my "archival" work on this site - please contact me for availability.   



Here begins a tour of Lost Mountain Studios, starting with two photos of my home in NW Oregon.

Lost Mountain House from the West

It’s a privilege to live here, in the midst of tall Fir and Cedar trees, and be able to hear the wild songs
of the ravens, owls, coyotes, jays, and a myriad of other birds and critters.

Dogs, cats, and goats add to this eclectic mix.
It’s a Zoo! Something different every day…
And yes, the sun does shine here occasionally.

Oregon has been my home since 1981.
I moved from Sanibel Island, Florida, where I operated "The Wheel" Studio and Co-op Gallery.
When I moved to Oregon I studied emergency medicine and worked as a paramedic and then cordinated County 911 EMS Dispatch 
I had no studio.
Luck and fate guided me to Lost Mountain in 1991, and I plunged back into the world of ceramic art.

Studio and Goat Pen Studio Throwing Area

My studio is a 40 x 60 pole building that I saw in a dream the night before I first visited Lost Mountain (no kidding!).

The studio is seen here from across the goat paddock.
Puck & Draco are  two young Alpines that may have a future as pack goats. 
They are rascals and a wonderful part of  life here.

My beautiful Aussie/Pyrenees dog Akira guards the whole compound.
Ceili, Becki's black Australian Cattle Dog, keeps us all in line. 
Our cats Luna and Squeaky keep the mice out of the pantry.
It’s life in the country - chaotic and peaceful at the same time. Go figure. 

The interior photo above shows one corner of my studio, where I turn ("throw") pots and do most of my sculpting, slip-trailing, and carving.
It's alive -- notes, pictures, favorite flotsam and jetsam, bottles, skulls, and other memorabilia fill the shelves and walls.

The studio has separate corners and rooms for potter's wheels, kilns, slab and extruder work,
glaze formulation and application, materials storage, display space, and packing/shipping. 

Lost Mountain now has a gallery space! Comfortable and well-lit, easy to heat, and relatively dust-free.
Gallery visits by appointment only.

Kiln Firing - Outside

My main kiln, pictured above, roaring at the end of a glaze firing, is located in a well-insulated corner of the building.
It has fifty cubic feet of stacking space: room for a lot of pots, big and small.
Many firings have contained over two hundred pieces. 

Tech-talk: It’s a propane-fired updraft "car" kiln -- its floor rolls out on rails to facilitate loading.
 "Updraft" means that the fifteen burners blast into the kiln from under the floor.
The generated heat and flame flows upward through the layers of pots and out the roof's twin flues.
It takes twelve hours to reach glaze-maturation temperature (nearly 2400 degrees F).
And 24 hours to cool......

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