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~ Bilgemunky ~


Pirateyness be next to godliness, and the Bilgemunky has his hairy fingers on the throbbing pulse of the pirate community. If ever ye be wonderin’ what’s goin’ on in the pirate world, consult the Bilgemunky to purvey the hottest news, music and merchandise available on the seven and cyber seas. He now hosts a Monday evening radio show featuring (yar, ye already guessed – smart as paint ye are)— pirate music!!

~ Captain Bogg & Salty ~


By thunder, there be some talented pirates in this here lot, and ye may lay to that. These rascals will make sure you dance the pegleg tango right lively, hoistin’yer colors and shakin’ yer booty to some of the most outstanding and original bucaneer tunes ever to broadside yer eardrums.

~ The Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (B.O.O.M.!) ~


Come sail the seven seas with the notorious crew of the “Emerald Rose”. Cannons will roar, cutlasses will clash and shanties will be sung as they re-enact “The Golden Age of Piracy.” This swaggering crew of freedom loving scallywags will entertain one and all in an attempt to re-establish their good name with the local constabulary.



PDXYAR can trace it’s origins to a group of stout souls engaging in “naval combat” through the use of the miniature constructable sailing vessels of the WizKids “Pirates” strategy game. As their gaming group grew, so did their interest in the history and legend of the pirates, privateers and Golden Age of Piracy. This knowledge developed a practical side as period costumes were developed and the group began making appearances at gaming shops and the Portland Pirate Festival to demonstrate the game.

From these humble beginnings, PDXYAR has grown and evolved until in 2010 they assumed the mantle of “The Swashbucklers of Stumptown.” While pirate gaming remains an intrinsic element of the group, they have also become historical fictioneers. Providing services such as pirate appearances, staged combat, fire dancing, living history instruction and many others, they are performers who are dedicated to both educating and entertaining audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyondood name with the local constabulary.

~ Portland Pirate Festival ~


A fantastic annual event, the siege continues in historic St Helens,OR:  Labor Day Weekend - September 1 & 2, 2012.  Black powder cannons and pistol fire at riverside, the tall ship Royaliste, fracas and entertainment, outstanding music, food, marauder’s market, photo opportunities, and a treasure chest full of fun and merriment for pirates of all ages. Not to be missed, maties!! See you there.


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